About This Infuriating & Destructive Video…

This video has left me so frustrated since hearing about it earlier today:

Eleven22 Video

I’ve thought a lot about what to write. Here’s the bottom line:

Places like The Church of Eleven22​ and Celebration Church​ are only slightly more evolved than the crazy, bigoted, hateful Southern Baptist churches many of us grew up in. You can add a coffee shop, pastors who have tats and did drugs in the past, a concert stage where “messages” filled with common colloquialisms are shouted, Christian rock music, fancy graphics/video and a marketing person, but at the end of the day, the message is the same, worn out message from my childhood.

And here’s the best part: While these places may have evolved ever so slightly on acceptance within the Church, they’ve stayed stagnant on the absolutely DESTRUCTIVE notion that “gay” and “Christian” are mutually exclusive. They’ve clung dearly to outdated interpretations and rhetoric that push people AWAY from Christ, the guy who it’s all supposed to be about.

Are there hard truths in Christianity? Perhaps. Is one of them that you can’t be a happy gay person in a loving, committed relationship and a Christian? Nope. And while these places may do good things in other areas, they all fail to even consider the MILLIONS of other Christians who believe differently than they do. They fail to even welcome or acknowledge disagreement within their own congregation.

But take me to the beach to get baptized or give me a latte at church and maybe I’ll just forget all about the whole lack of acceptance thing.

This poor, poor child of Christ will now struggle to go without the very relationships she was created to have. Why? Not because of anything Christ said. Because of his people. What’s more is that LGBT folks will see this video and be pushed even farther away. What a shame that this church and so many others fail to see that.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.



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