Sometimes society makes me sad. At work, I deal with lots of facts. And there are people out there who try to trip you up. Sometimes, they do. Other times, you can see right through them. But for some reason, it seems a lot of Americans have forgotten that fact exists at all.

It seems — to many — anything is negotiable. This isn’t true. Believe it or not, there are truths and there are falsehoods. You can’t just pick. I’d like the sky to be pink, but that’s just not the case (usually). Sure, the implications of certain truths can be argued. But the truths themselves cannot. Not reasonably, at least.

If you need to remember what’s fact and what’s not and how to tell the difference, think back to science class. Think back to the scientific method. Read up on logical fallacies and do research yourself. That’s at least a good start. Sure, there are people out there to help you navigate the worlds of fact and fiction. But there are also people out there to confuse you.

Just because you want it to be true doesn’t mean it is. That’s a fact.



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