Today, President Obama announced his personal support for same-sex marriage – or as I like to call it – marriage equality. As a journalist, this a big story to me. But personally, it means so much more.

I’m trained to minimize my personal opinions when doing my job and rightfully so. I believe I am successful at it day in and day out. And tomorrow, when I open my “rundown” as we call it and start to build my show, I’m going to treat this story just like I’d treat it if I were straight – with the coverage it warrants from the multiple perspectives it demands. And – in most cases – I shy away from airing my opinions on many controversial issues on any social media platform.

But this should not be a controversial issue. It frustrates me that I’m this excited about a president announcing support for MY rights and the rights of millions of other Americans. But you know what – it’s reality. And before you think I’m excited because the guy I like has decided to support me, understand this: I’m excited because the man who runs the country I live in – the man who makes the tough decisions – the man who is inundated with information and slant from every side – believes that I am equal to him. I would be just as excited if a Republican president were to make such an announcement or even a candidate for president, like the current contenders.

This isn’t a political issue and this isn’t a political victory. This is a personal issue and a victory for equality. A victory for progress. A victory for free thought and the ability to “evolve.”

Will this change things overnight? No. Will I be allowed to get married anywhere in the country next week? No. But do I see a light at the end of the tunnel and a huge new supporter rallying for my rights? Yes.

And do I see myself at the end of an aisle one day, putting a ring on the finger of the man I love – making our commitment legal? Absolutely.


One thought on “Finally.

  1. Kyle even as a heterosexual it is a personal victory. I longed for a world leader such as our President to have the courage to say that equality is a right we all should possess. There is nothing more “American” than that! I adore the man even more for having the “huevos” to say it during his campaign. I fear that the small minded in the country will try to use it as a weapon when instead he should be held in even higher regard. One of the reasons I became an expat was the messed up politics. When a man must fear more for his life than the President that preceeded him soley because of his skin color and the origins of his family name. Argh! I had had too much!


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