When I was a kid, I always felt more comfortable around adults. As an adult, I feel more comfortable constantly pressing forward. As it turns out, the kid who used to crave the constant now tends to choose change.

I think people are too OK with the status quo. I think – for many people – being comfortable is king and happiness – true happiness – gets put on the back burner. Growing up, many of us are told to dream big, so we do. We’re told to follow our dreams. We’re told we can do anything and, as kids, we believe it. But then things change. We realize that to pursue big dreams requires work and sacrifice and tough choices. So we settle.

Sometimes, while pursuing our dreams, we get derailed. People tell us we need to slow down; that we’re on the right track – things just take time. Slow and steady is the name of the game. But what if it’s not? What if my path isn’t the one you should take or vice versa? What if we were to really think, “You know what? We’re not guaranteed tomorrow, so I’m going to wholeheartedly pursue my ultimate dream today.”? Big dreams sometimes require big risk, and big failure. But the journey is part of the dream.

For you, happiness may mean being comfortable. But, for me, happiness is more than that. It’s finding comfort in pursuing my dreams. It’s finding comfort in change by knowing certain things never will. It’s realizing that not all right decisions are rational ones and not all irrational decisions are wrong. It’s taking a chance, knowing that – at the end of the day – I have plenty of love and support even if I fail. Especially if I fail.

None of us will ever always be happy, but we sure as hell can always pursue happiness. And when life isn’t what we want it to be, it’s our responsibility – our obligation – to try to change it.

It’s not unhappiness that keeps me up at night. It’s the idea that my potential isn’t realized because I’m playing it safe. Who knows how far playing it safe can get me, but here’s the real question: When is it best to play it safe and when is it best to just jump?



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