A “Fag”? Really?

Yesterday, as I was driving, someone in the car ahead of me took the time at a red light to write “FAG!” on a piece of paper and raise it out of the sunroof, pointing toward me. Now, I’ve written about the use of this word before. So what did I do? I laughed. I mean who gets gay bashed in traffic?! Since then, I’ve come to this conclusion: It was the best thing to happen to me all day. Here’s why:

1. It made me laugh. First of all, because the “clue” that tipped them off could’ve only been my green Muppets sunglasses (see below). Surprisingly, I wasn’t even singing musicals…yet.

2. It made me think about how much happier I must be than that person. I mean who puts THAT much effort into that much negativity ever, much less at a red light?

3. My friends had hilarious responses when I told them. Some said I should’ve blown a kiss at them. Others said the person inside the car probably wanted a date. But every message was supportive and special.

4. It made me pass positivity on. Throughout the day, I had been writing haikus for friends. I was bored and it was a fun way to interact with them. A few minutes after the gay bashing incident, I ended up at a restaurant drive-thru and the attendant was great. She even complimented me! I had to pull forward to wait for some stuff, so I took that time to write her a haiku. When she came out, I explained why I had written it. Her smile grew bigger and bigger as I spoke, she thanked me repeatedly and told me it made her day. And that made mine. Just like that.

People are out there, ready to spew their venom at anyone – even strangers at a red light. And some of the rhetoric in today’s political sphere isn’t helping. We lead by example and there are plenty of negative examples out there.

People can try to knock you down and – at times – they will. But in most cases, as I’ve said in the past, you give them that power. And you have the opportunity to take their negativity and turn it into something healthy – something that can put a smile on your face and hopefully someone else’s, too.

So think about that next time someone tries to hurt you…or the next time you’re thinking of hurting someone. The outcome may not be the one you’re looking for.

Oh, and if you really want to insult a gay, try calling one of us fat and see what happens.

In a word: Armageddon. Just sayin’.

Ok, I’m going to prance off now. It’s time for naked yoga before I have to get all glittered up for my drag show. Smooches.


29 thoughts on “A “Fag”? Really?

      1. You could have asked for one yesterday!

        Oh, Victoria.
        All you had to do was ask.
        Your heart is my goal.

    1. Ha. Thanks. You know me well enough to know that I’m FAR from always having a positive outlook. I guess it was my liberal gay-indoctrinating education in public schools and at UF. Though others might know it as “critical thinking” or “diversification.” LOL.

  1. Nobody better mess with my TV hubby! The world is full of ignorant, cruel people. You will always go much further than them. I’m honored to be your friend. Love you, soulmate!

    1. LOL! Thanks! You know, this whole haiku business is all your fault. If thinking of you hadn’t inspired me to write one on your wall a couple of nights ago, this snowball effect of hilarity might not have happened. Ha.

  2. It’s sad that I’m a writer by profession and yet I have no words to tell you how much I love this. Kudos.

    1. Ha! Thanks! Yeah, words are tough things to deal with! And people generally have no idea how much writers (real ones) sometimes agonize over the tiniest of words or phrases. Thanks for your support! Glad you liked it!

    1. Oh, and I’m not a drag queen. They’re cool, but when I sing like a lady, I’d rather actually sing and dress like a dude. =)

  3. Usually when people react that way is from there on insecurities…However you appear to be well rounded and very familaiar with who you are…Just know you must also be very SPECIAL to draw that much attention in traffic you go hun……

    1. Ha! That’s great. Thanks for the awesome words! I doubt the entirety of Jacksonville is charmed, having grown up there. But hey – charming just a few people works for me!

  4. I tried the blowing a kiss trick on a “gentleman” with whom I had a traffic altercation (right here in J’ville – and, by the way, it was all his fault). I thought his head was going to explode. He proceeded to follow me for about another mile, all the while screaming and cursing and gesturing that I was # 1!


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