For me, 2011 started with making a decision official: I would be leaving Jacksonville to continue my career elsewhere. Then, I made a relationship official with the love of my life. And the year ended with three deaths in as many months, one of those being my grandfather. So what has 2011 taught me?

I’m not sure. But I know that it has reminded me that each year has ups and downs and it will pretty much always be this way. No year will be entirely positive and no year will be entirely negative, because that’s not how life is.

Instead, life is a combination of both. For some, there are more negative experiences and for others, there are more positive experiences. But what really matters is what we do with each experience: We can choose to enjoy the good ones and be bitter about the bad ones…or we can choose to learn from it all.

In 2012, I plan to do what I tried to do in 2011: Enjoy the good times and learn from it all. What about you?



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