First of all, this is what happens when a tired Kyle receives new inspiration for a blog topic. He spends 15 minutes in front of his camera taking staged pics on Photo Booth. I’m not sure if this is what I actually looked like back in my praying days, but I can only hope it is…except for, you know, the whole “eyes being open” thing. 

Anyway, I don’t really want to get into specific religious beliefs. Instead, I want to focus on the idea of praying. I should say up front that I currently do not pray, but I have in the past.

But when I did pray, it was a serious thing. After all, you believe, presumably, that you are praying to a higher power; someone who can change things for you. And if you think praying helps you, I’m all for it. Positive thought can go a long way.

But there are people who complain and take no action aside from prayer, proclaiming that everything will magically change and all will be well with the world. I find a couple of things wrong with this: 

  • Whose version of “well” are we using to describe how things in this world should be? I mean, if everyone is praying for the world to be “well,” it can’t possibly be all things to all people all at once. 
  • Why is there a problem to begin with if you’ve been praying the whole time and prayer alone can get the job done?

This “higher power” presumably gave you free will so you could use it. Perhaps combining prayer with action would be more effective. 

Is it OK to just think that prayer alone will ease all troubles? Do people really believe that? How do you use prayer? Is it just a mental exercise to ease your worries or do you believe you’re really talking to someone who can help?

And why should that “higher power” fix your problems over someone else’s? For example, if your prayers of a new job are answered, perhaps someone else’s prayers are not. To put it simply: Who gets dibs on getting what they want? 

While perhaps sometimes funny and maybe even informative, my blog is really about starting conversations. So what do you think? I think action seems more effective than doing nothing but praying. After all, don’t “actions speak louder than words”?


One thought on “Praying.

  1. First off, love the picture. Love you.I believe for change to happen, prayer and obedience (action) must both happen. I believe God can do anything, but if we all sat back and just prayed and He did everything for us without action on our part, what would we learn? For me, prayer is about opening up the communication lines between God and myself. Through prayer, I get instruction from God so I can then take action. As for the paragraph about who gets dibs … I think God answers people’s prayers specific to their life, not in comparison to another person’s. God doesn’t answer my prayers the same way he answers a lot of my friends’ prayers, because we all have very different lives and talents. It’s not favoritism, it’s customized. Something I’m working on right now is not comparing myself to others. All I can do is compare where I am today to where I was in the past.


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