New York, God, And The Gays

Hooray for gay marriage being legal in New York! Now that I’ve said that, let me get down to what’s encouraged me to write this lovely new blog entry: The protesters…

I should start off by saying, protests are great. If the gays can protest for equality, surely people can protest against it. That’s what this country is all about. 

But when I think of the people who – less than a day after hundreds of couples get married in New York – are already calling, not just for an end to gay marriage, but for the current marriages to be annulled, I have to wonder if they realize that these are FAMILIES they’re messing with. These aren’t pawns in a politically driven game of chess. These aren’t animals who’ve just wandered in from the dark and demanded more rights.

These are actual people, many of them with children, who have been waiting years – decades in some cases – to legally show their love and dedication to one another and to be afforded the same rights as straight couples. You know, things like being able to visit your dying spouse in the hospital or filing taxes together. They aren’t out to destroy “family values” or families. They want to become a family in the eyes of the law. I don’t understand how people can comfortably throw stones at others, particularly about something so embedded within American tradition.

We’ll hear the same tired arguments over and over again. Polygamy is next, gay families shouln’t raise kids, God hates the gays…

Ok, so God may hate me. Fine. But why does that mean my country has to? 



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