Today’s change in how the Obama administration handles the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act” in court has me thinking about….well, marriage. That, coupled with Facebook’s recent changes to include “in a domestic partnership” and “in a civil union” to their relationship status options, has me thinking specifically about my future.

We are all caught up in words. Gay people want to get married and politicians don’t want to make anyone mad, so they create things other than ‘marriage’ to try to appease both sides. They say things like, “It’s essentially the same” or “This is a compromise.” 

Since when do we compromise basic rights? 

You may be OK with calling it something other than marriage. You may hate the term ‘marriage’ for whatever reasons; religious, political…whatever. But here’s my take:

When I get married, I’m going to get ‘married.’ I’m not going to have a “life partner” or a “friend” or anything like that. I’m going to have a husband. I’m going to introduce him as my husband; with friends, with family, with complete strangers. Tons of people have worked too hard in this country and I’ve worked too hard in my personal life to sugarcoat my relationship just so bigots can feel more comfortable.

If you have a problem with that, you can back out of my life now.

Just because that’s what I want to call my significant other doesn’t mean I expect everyone else to follow suit. I’m simply saying that my relationship will be just as valid as any straight relationship. No one is going to throw some political term on it to make others feel more comfortable. 

Screw comfortability. How about some equality instead? 



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