Are We Really THAT Funny?


(So I tried a Google search for things like “gay laughter,” “gay comedy,” or “gay smile” and the top results were either George Takei or porn. Well then. Cute, not-necessarily-gay baby laughing, it is.)

From my close encounters with straight America, I get the vibe that they think we are particularly funny. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a straight woman say, “My hairdresser is FABULOUS! [whisper] He’s gay…but he knows how to do hair…and he’s a hoot!” Ok, maybe they don’t use the word “hoot,” but the point remains. Gays have a reputation for being funny. 

So what if we don’t live up to it? Anyone who works with me can tell you I hardly make everyone laugh. And when they do laugh, it’s that “I feel sorry for you because you just said that in a hugely desperate attempt to get me to laugh”…laugh.

But I have a ton of gay friends who are hilarious. I find myself drawn to their Facebook statuses because every time there’s an update, it’s like a break from my reality and some comedic insight into their life.

So what makes us funnier? 

Are we just born with it? Did we learn to be funny in an effort to be disarming to potential threats/bullies? Are we just willing to take things beyond where our straight friends are willing to go? 

Here’s my theory (and it’s admittedly massively flawed): I think gays are still a novelty to a lot of people. I think we love honesty. I think we call it like we see it. And that’s such a rarity that — when put all together — we’re basically what one might call, “funny bitches.” 

We’re uncompromising in a lot of cases, but also uncompromisingly comedic. It’s why we get away with saying things that other’s can’t. Is it right? Who knows. Is it fun? Hell yes. 

Then again, maybe we all just have both the “gay” and “funny” genes. 

I mean, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love denim?!



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