Neon Dreams


This is me. I have no idea how old I was. But I was queerly clearly painting rainbows at a very early age. And can we just spend a second on the shorts?! Where the hell did I get those?

This makes me think about times when I was growing up that were, at first, normal questions in my mind or curiosities. But I now look back and think, “Damn! I was totally crushin’ on guys!” 

So far, my recollections of gayness go back to middle school. Hmm…

So I have two questions: 

1. Do you have similar moments? Ones that weren’t a big deal back then, but now make you go, “Oh! That was gay…” And how far back do they go? 

2. Where can I get an adult-sized pair of those neon parachute shorts?! They’re hot.  



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