Gayby Names!

A friend sent me a link to a story that basically says gay people pick kickass names for their babies. I call them gaybies.


(NOTE: This is not a confirmed gayby.)

Anyway, this point is kind of ruined for me at the moment because the gays can’t adopt in Florida. In fact, Florida is the only state to specifically ban gays from adopting. Sorry, I believe the law actually says “homosexuals.” 

Time to leave this state!

Anyway, back to gayby naming! I don’t really know that I have any names picked out. And the ones that are circulating in my head right now aren’t very edgy to me. Maybe I’m straight? [blinks] Nope. 

So do we really pick edgier names for our kids? Or do we really just hear mostly about gay celebrities and their crazy-ass baby names? I don’t want to name my kid “Apple.” Unless the other dad is hot and really wants that to be the name…

What?! DON’T JUDGE! 

My question for the gays: What did you/do you plan to name your child? 


3 thoughts on “Gayby Names!

  1. If I have a boy I want to name him Brady. I like the name plus after deciding that’s what I wanted the name to be, I realized it’s kind of a twist on naming “Bradley Jr.” without the tacky egotistical “lets name my kid the same thing as me” – just take out the “le” (making the name shorter – indirectly implying that he’d be a smaller me) — I mean it makes sense in my head. I don’t think I’m explaining it well.And for a girl, I like Alyria (uh-lee-ree-uh). I’m not sure where I got it. I may have combined two names but that’s all I’ve got.


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